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The story of my failures and how I learned from them

I was nothing but a normal internet citizen until I discovered the magic of ‘inspect element’ feature in web browsers. It enabled me to look behind the websites I browsed everyday and it gave me the confidence that I can create anything. That was my humble beginning of web development.

Started working with HTML5, CSS3.
My contributions to Mozilla also starts here.
My previous knowledge in Photoshop gave me a head start

I started off creating a trading site on my own with little help from ‘Headfirst PHP & MySql’ book. The first thing I created was a great title bar with CSS animations. My first failure, I understood fancy animations can’t get me going.

My baby steps in PHP and MySql
Design thinking begins
Inspired by what colors can do

During this time I encountered with an event that’s happening in my college and I started creating a web page for it. I understood CSS animations is not gonna be helping me as it helped me in previously. That was when I started learning Javascrip.

Javascript also found the major part in my heart

After deploying a site for testing, I understood the world is not like a fairy tale. My app started crashing with heavy traffic and huge load on the database. Then I started approaching standardised techniques and started my learning towards low redundancy deployment and more precisely scaling of applications.

Started adopting PHP frameworks
Node.js and NoSql also started creeping in
Design thinking and CSS3 became my bed and pillow

Time and technologies passed. In this new age of the fight between JavaScript frameworks I made my bet on Angular and going forward strong.

Rounding up the discussion, I’m an ideapreneur and tech enthusiast who cares a lot about design , UI and UX along with stable and consistent code, both at the browser and the backend.

Don't confuse me for just a frond end developer.
Any language can excite me if there's a challenge in it. I've explored app devlopment, machine learning, voice assistants and a whole lot of other tech. But let me admit, I feel 127.0 0.1 home in the web.

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